SPIN Curriculum

Core (13 credits)

  • SPIN 270: Cross-Cultural Explorations: Conversation, Reflection, and Travel (3 credits): Readings, journaling, and weekly discussions help you better understand both your own culture and the Nicaraguan culture. Visits to significant historical, political, ecclesiastical, and cultural sites in Nicaragua provide important perspectives to the course.
  • SPIN Spanish Language (3 credits): Develop communicative skills in Spanish at your own level of expertise.
  • SPIN 271: Nicaraguan History and Culture (3 credits): This course addresses the historical, social, ecclesiastical, political, and economic factors that have shaped the Nicaragua of today.
  • SPIN 282: Service-Learning (1 credit): This experiential learning course, related to your own major or interests, is arranged through the national and international collaborators in the Nehemiah Center.
  • SPIN 310: Worldview and Societal Transformation (3 credits): This course examines various models for community development and the implications of Reformed thought for the societal transformation of Nicaragua today.

Track Options (3 credits)

  • Spanish Language Track: Options for specialized courses such as "Nicaragua: The Land of Poets" or "Ruben Dario: Father of Modernism" [SPAN 341]
  • Nicaraguan Area Studies Track: Options for specialized study in such areas as history, political studies, communication, or theology/missions
  • Agriculture Practicum Track*: Options for specialized practicum experiences for agriculture students. This track addresses the complexities of the global food system from a Nicaraguan perspective, focusing on justice issues of land ownership and the impact of large/small scale farming on the land, economy, and society. [SPIN 289: Agriculture in the Developing World (3 credits)] 

*Course offerings subject to minimum enrollment.