The Studies Program In Nicaragua (SPIN) is a fall semester academic and cultural opportunity of Dordt College in cooperation with The Nehemiah Center.

Students live with host families in Leon and have opportunities to interact with other Nicaraguans as they study Nicaraguan/Central American culture and society, the Spanish language, transformational development, and other subjects.

Program Objectives

The goals of SPIN are to guide and assist students in developing:

  • Awareness of and respect for the diversity of peoples and cultural traditions in Nicaragua and surrounding Central American communities.
  • Understanding of the contemporary political, economic, ecclesiastical, and social structures of this region of the world.Children in School
  • Knowledge of the historical interweaving of culture, politics, economics, and communities of faith in Nicaraguan society.
  • Recognition of different cultural systems and beliefs, and a deeper understanding of their own North American culture and biblical worldview.
  • Spanish language skills through formal instruction and informal conversations with host families and other Nicaraguans.
  • Skill and sensitivity in cross-cultural communication.
  • The desire and ability to think and live as Christians in cross-cultural settings.
  • A heart for service through service-learning experiences.