Individual Studies 392 and 393

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A. Course Description

Individual Studies 391, 392, and 393 are offered by many departments at Dordt University to provide properly qualified students the opportunity to do intensive work in a subject not normally included in the regular course offerings, to pursue a topic in-depth that was encountered as part of previous studies, or to engage in experiential education projects. The individual studies courses allow for greater flexibility as well as greater responsibility for the student in the learning process. Within the individual studies concept are included such options as research, practicum, independent study, service-learning, and readings. It is understood that the burden of responsibility for learning will be on the student-it is not a tutorial program.

B. Instructor: arranged

C. Policies

Individual studies courses are governed by the following policies:

1. Individual studies courses may have 1 - 3 credits (391- one credit, 392 - two credits, and 393 - three credits).

2. Second semester freshmen and sophomores may take 391 courses, juniors and seniors 391, 392, and 393 courses (Exceptions may be granted by the Registrar).

3. A student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 to enroll in 391 and 2.25 for 392 or 393.

4. Individual studies courses 392 and 393 are open to students who have had extensive previous coursework in the department.

D. Evaluation

For an individual studies such as research, practicum, independent study, and readings, the grade will be determined by the supervising instructor based on the criteria described in the contract.

E. SPICE Restriction

Individual Studies 392 and 393 are available, on a limited basis, to off-campus participants with junior or senior status. Permission of and supervision by their major department is required. A written proposal, approved by an academic advisor, must be submitted to the Global Education office along with the internal approval paperwork.

If an individual study involves an observation or internship at a Dutch organization, students are advised and encouraged to find their own placement possibility before their departure for the Netherlands. The VIAA can offer some assistance in the process, but students should be aware that the VIAA might not be able to find a placement that fits their requirements. If a placement is arranged, whether by the student or by the VIAA, a placement contract is needed (obligatory by immigration law).