Dordt Semester Programs

Chicago Semester

A distinctive opportunity for living, learning, and working in a large metropolitan city, the Chicago Semester has opportunities for juniors and seniors from all majors. Recognized nationally as an Experiential Education Program of the year, the CS is an internship and seminar program rooted in the Reformed, Christian faith. Students will be placed in an internship in their field, as well as take seminar courses that fulfill core requirements.

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Studies Program In Contemporary Europe (SPICE)*

SPICE is an exciting program that gives students the opportunity to study and live in the Netherlands for the spring semester. The program is a cooperative program with the VIAA in Zwolle, Netherlands. Students live with host families and have many opportunities to interact with Dutch students as they study in one of four tracks: General SPICE track, Nursing, Education, and International Business. The program is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

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Studies Program In Nicaragua (SPIN)*

The Studies Program in Nicaragua (SPIN) immerses students in Nicaraguan life so that they see similarities and differences among cultures and develop in the light of God's Word a Christian understanding of cultural diversity and the shaping power of differing worldviews. Living, studying, and serving in a Christian community, SPIN students will have opportunities to explore what faith means to them and how it affects their relationships with those at home and with people from other cultures.

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Semester in Zambia*


The Semester in Zambia is a unique opportunity for students to experience life as a student in Africa. Students will study at Northrise University, a Christian institution in Zambia. Choose from coursework in business, information technology, theology, or agriculture while building relationships with students in sub-Saharan Africa. This program, open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, will give you a first-hand view into the struggles and joys of life in Zambia.

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Semester in Korea*


Spend a semester experiencing life as a student in Korea. While studying at Handong Global University, students have the opportunity to live with Korean and other international students while they explore the rich cultural opportunities in South Korea. Handong offers courses in many majors, from engineering and psychology to art and business. The Semester in Korea is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

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Semester in Kenya*

The Semester in Kenya offers students the opportunity to spend a semester experiencing life in Eastern Africa. In cooperation with Daystar University, a premier Christian university in Kenya, students will take a variety of courses, enjoy practical experiences related to their area of study, and grow to understand this dynamic land as they build relationships and travel to new locations. The Semester in Kenya is available to qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors from all majors, with unique opportunities for students in Digital Media and Communication.

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*Participation in one of these programs satisfies the General Education Cross-Cultural requirement.