CCCU Semester Programs

American Studies Program

Capitol Hill

Founded in 1976, the American Studies Program (ASP) has served hundreds of students as a "Washington, D.C. campus." ASP uses Washington as a stimulating educational laboratory where college students gain hands-on experience with an internship in their chosen field, tailored to fit the students' talents and aspirations. Participants also explore pressing national and international issues in public policy seminars led by ASP faculty and Washington professionals. The program aims to help students live faithfully in contemporary society as followers of Christ. 

Australian Studies Centre *


The Australian Studies Centre (ASC) is located at the Christian Heritage College in Brisbane, Australia. Throughout the semester, students can study Christian studies and ministries, business, community development, psychology, history, English, and drama; as well as the modern Australian landscape and indigenous cultures. Homestays, service learning, and travel around Australia are important components of the ASC. Students observe Australia's beautiful landscape, live in the cosmopolitan melting pot of Brisbane, serve the poor of Australia's multi-cultural ghettos, and engage the political capital of Canberra and its power players. Students also come to know the traditions of Aboriginal people during an Outback excursion and can enroll in a course that includes traveling to New Zealand to meet with Maori people. 

China Studies Program *

China Studies Program

The China Studies Program enables students to engage China's ancient history and intrigue from an insider's perspective. While being immersed in Chinese culture, students participate in seminar courses on the historical, cultural, religious, geographic, and economic realities of this populous nation. Students will study standard Chinese language and apply their skills by serving in an orphanage or tutoring Chinese students in English. The program introduces students to the diversity of China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Xiamen. This interdisciplinary, cross-cultural program enables students to communicate and understand the unique culture and people of China with an informed, Christ-centered perspective. 

Contemporary Music Center


The Contemporary Music Center provides students with the opportunity to live and work in the refining context of community while seeking to understand to integrate music, faith, and business. Both the Artist and Executive tracks offer students instruction, experience, and a uniquely Christ-centered perspective on creativity and the marketplace, while working together to create and market a recording of original music. Both tracks include coursework, labs, directed study, and a practicum. 

Latin American Studies Program *

Costa Rica

Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, the Latin American Studies Program introduces students to a wide range of experiences through the study of the language, literature, culture, politics, history, economics, ecology, and religion of the region. Through service learning and living with local families, students become a part of the day-to-day lives of typical Latin Americans. Students also take part in a service opportunity and travel for three weeks to nearby Central American nations. Depending on their concentration, students travel to nearby Central American nations including Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, and Panama. 

Los Angeles Film Studies Center


The Los Angeles Film Studies Center is designed to train students to serve in various aspects of the film industry with both professional skill and Christian integrity. Each semester, students live, learn, and work in L.A. Internships in various segments of the film industry provide students with hands-on experience. The combination of the internship and seminars allows students to explore the film industry within a Christian context and from a liberal arts perspective. 

Middle East Studies Program *

Student Riding Camel

Based in Jerusalem, the Middle East Studies Program (MESP) program offers students a unique opportunity to explore and interact with the complex and strategic world of the modern Middle East. Students explore diverse religious, social, cultural, and political traditions of Middle Eastern peoples through interdisciplinary seminars. Students also study the Arabic language and work as volunteers with various organizations around Jerusalem. Through travel in the region (typically Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, and Spain), students are exposed to the diversity and dynamism of the region. At a time of tension and change in the Middle East, MESP encourages and equips students to relate to the Muslim world in an informed, constructive, and Christ-centered manner. 

The Scholars Semester in Oxford *


The Scholar's Semester in Oxford (SSO) is designed for students interested in completing intensive scholarship. Working with academic tutors, students advance their academic writing and research skills and explore the disciplines and interests of their choice. As visiting students of Oxford University and members of Wycliffe Hall, students have the privilege to study and learn in one of the university'€™s historic halls. The SSO is designed for students interested in the fields of classics, English and literature, theology and religious studies, philosophy, and history, though all majors may apply. Applicants are generally honors and other very high-achieving students and must have a 3.7 GPA to be considered for the program.

Uganda Studies Program *


Winston Churchill is credited with nicknaming Uganda the '€œPearl of Africa,'€ and many visitors since his time have come to agree with him. The Uganda Studies Program (USP) offers students a very personal encounter with many cultures and people of East Africa. Uganda Christian University (UCU), serves as the base of study for students in the USP. Set on the outskirts of the capital city Kampala, this rapidly growing institution brings USP students together with the UCU Honours College. Courses taught by local faculty in the British tutorial tradition will immerse students in a uniquely African education. Homestays, travel, service learning, and daily interaction with Honours College students form the backbone of the USP experience. Uganda Studies students explore the changing Africa from a variety of perspectives.

*Participation in one of these programs satisfies the Core Program cross-cultural requirement.