Application Process for Semester Programs

To be eligible for a semester off campus you must have sophomore status; be in good academic, behavioral, and financial standing; and you must go through a two-part application process consisting of a Dordt pre-application and an application to the program you hope to attend.

Internal Approval (Pre-application)

The internal approval process determines your academic, behavioral, and financial eligibility for an off-campus semester program. Contact Alexis Kreun from the off-campus office to begin the internal approval process. You will need to complete and submit the following:

  • Internal Approval (Pre-application) form
  • Program evaluation signed by advisor: It is essential that students meet with their advisor to determine if a semester off campus will fit into their four-year plans. The advisors must also indicate when a course taken off campus could substitute for a course in their department.
  • Recommendation form
  • Application essay: One- to two-page essay articulating the student'€™s goals for the semester off campus as well as how the semester off campus will contribute to their personal and vocational goals.
  • Program checksheet: Students use this document to indicate the courses in which they intend to enroll on their semester off-campus. These program-specific sheets also indicate if certain courses may meet core requirements.
  • Official Dordt Transcript: Students will fill out a green form in the Registrar's Office to request that their transcript be sent to Alexis Kreun's office in the Global Education department.
  • Internal Approval Fee: Effective for summer 2018 applicants

Internal approvals are always done in the fall for the upcoming academic year. This means that students pre-apply a year in advance of the semester they hope to be off campus. The pre-application deadline is December 1, 2015, for off-campus study for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.

* Note that the pre-application timeline is different for students applying to SPICE, SPIN, and the Semesters in Zambia, Kenya, and Korea. The application process for these programs occurs one semester in advance.

Application Process

You can find the application materials for SPICE and SPIN online. For all non-Dordt programs, you should access the program application information, paying close attention to deadlines and requirements.

Pre-departure Information

Once you have been accepted to an off-campus program, you should begin to make preparations for going abroad. If your program is outside of the United States, you should obtain a passport immediately. You will also need to complete a number of forms, make an appointment for a pre-travel health check, and address housing needs for the upcoming year.