Basic Competency Courses

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Math 100: Mathematics for College, and/or English 100: Basic Writing for College Students are required for all students with ACT Math/English scores below 18 or SAT Math/Writing scores below 460.

English 100: Basic Writing for College Students (Fall only)

An intensive introduction to and review of the skills college-level writing requires, focusing on the larger issues of presenting, developing, and supporting ideas, on issues of correctness, on developing voice, and on learning various essay styles for effective academic writing. Completing this course, with a grade of C- or better, meets the Core 120 writing competency requirement.

Math 100: Mathematics for College (Fall and Spring)

The primary goal of this course is to prepare students for college-level use of mathematics. The use of mathematical models will be woven throughout the course, providing students with the opportunity to see, understand, and use mathematics in real-world applications. Completing this course with a grade of C- or better meets the core mathematics competency requirement.

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