Accessibility For Students With Disabilities

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Dordt University makes academic support available for students with special needs such as sensory impairments, physical and health problems, and learning disabilities. For more information contact the coordinator of services for students with disabilities (CSSD).

Students who believe they need academic support should notify the CSSD as soon as possible. Ideally, this should occur during the application process. Accepted applicants will be asked to provide relevant assessment information so that appropriate academic support can be planned. If prior assessment information is not available or is more than three years old, the applicant will be encouraged to have such assessment done. This type of assessment can usually be obtained in the student's school district, at no cost, if the student is currently enrolled in a K-12 school.

Students who request academic accommodations after they have enrolled as students at Dordt University will also be asked to provide assessment information that confirms the existence of the special need (e.g., learning disability). Where such assessment information is not available, the student will be encouraged to have appropriate assessment performed.