A Kingdom Perspective

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Student Reading

We believe that Scripture and creation reveal a sovereign God. Nothing exists without him; all things are under his control and find their goal and purpose in his glory. The creation is God's kingdom.

The Bible also tells us that God created us in his image. God covenantally binds us to him by his law and calls for our loving obedience.

Though called to develop and care for God's world, after Adam's fall into sin we began to treat it as an object of exploitation. Rather than serving the King, people abandoned themselves and the rest of creation to division and strife, misery, and death.

But God came with his word of grace, reclaiming his world through the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Even though the effects of the fall will continue until he returns, Christ has rescued the creation from the curse of sin, and he reigns as king over all. He summons those he has redeemed to work to establish his kingdom everywhere.