Like the wise man who built his house upon a rock, Blomberg has constructed a robust educational paradigm on the Biblical view of wisdom. I believe that it is flexible enough to bend (but not break) with the shifting winds of time-whether those winds blow from ancient, modern, or postmodern directions. This book is a delight, a must-read for anyone who is serious about the joy of learning in Christian schools.

Prof. Dirk Windhorst, Redeemer University College, former elementary school teacher and vice principal, Ontario, Canada

Blomberg presents an interpretation of essentially Christian schooling which is challengingly defying of the conventional wisdom of both its advocates and critics. His challenge bears the attention of all educators. In asserting that "Education should teach students to be discerning of the world views that are operative" in their own education, he strikes an important blow for the kind of Christian schooling he advocates, as well as puncturing mortally the oft-held position that secular education is in and of itself values-neutral. He proffers the view that schools bringing their own values and beliefs forward in an explicit manner is the only authentic and honest way of proceeding. At the heart of this position is his final dismantling of the validity of disjoining theory and practice. I found Blomberg's book to be extremely well conceived and formulated, thoroughly convincing, and most enjoyable. It is an important work and I hope it will be disseminated widely.

Prof. Terry Lovat, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Arts), University of Newcastle, Australia

The application of the Old Testament Wisdom Literature to school curriculum and the subsequent development of the organizing concept of the "integral curriculum" is an original and significant contribution. The use of imaginative dialogue is a wonderful literary device employed to great effect. I was particularly impressed with the image of schooling and the curriculum that is distilled in the final chapter. In my view, the Wisdom tradition isn't the only path to creating a welcoming and worthwhile curriculum, but that the Wisdom tradition leads to these conclusions is an affirmation of the value of approaching the curriculum from this standpoint.

Prof. Shirley Grundy, Dean, Faculty of Education, Deakin University, Geelong, Australia

People who are interested in thinking deeply about schooling will truly enjoy this book. When the going gets tough and the subject matter becomes dense, the author helps the reader along through a clever use of dialog. I visited Mount Evelyn Christian School, the school that is featured prominently in Blomberg's writing, and his description of the curriculum at that school is accurate and exciting.

Dr. Gloria Stronks, Prof. of Education emerita, Calvin College, USA

The theme of wisdom is a thoroughly biblical one which should be a central focus for Christian teachers and teacher educators but, sadly, is either neglected altogether by them or dealt with in a generally very superficial and/or modernist way. Up to now, the main published resources on this theme for Christians in education have been works written more for theologians and pastors than for schoolteachers. Wisdom and Curriculum is written by a teacher and for teachers. It deals in a refreshing and very readable way with a number of central issues and it will be a Godsend for those who teach and for those who teach teachers.

Dr. John Shortt, Travelling Secretary, European Educators' Christian Association (EurECA); Editor, Journal of Education & Christian Belief; United Kingdom

Thoughtful and thought provoking! This is a book for teachers serious about their calling, teachers who find their profession both a joy and a challenge, teachers who are willing to admit that the process they go through daily with their students is a messy one. This book leads teachers through the messiness of Christian education using wisdom as a guide, at the same time defining wisdom as the goal. An enjoyable and worthwhile read.

Alisa Siebenga, Middle School Teacher, Lacombe Christian School, Alberta, Canada

Doug Blomberg will challenge your thinking (and doing) by causing you to question long-held assumptions about teaching and learning. He offers an alternative approach to schooling, which provides more space for students to be other than but complementary to their classmates, and which places emphasis on learning for purposeful response. Don't expect him to give you all the answers, though he will give you some. However, do expect him to ask the right questions, or rather, cause you to ask the right questions. In keeping with his philosophy, he gives space for each reader to become complementary threads in the rich tapestry of schooling and life.

D. Bruce Curry, elementary teacher, Upper School Academic Coordinator, St. Paul Christian Academy, Nashville, Tennessee, USA