Table of Contents



1. The Beginnings

2. Setting up the Institute

3. The Institute Opens

4. Growth and Turbulence in the Early Seventies

5. The Professors and their Courses

6. The Broader Context for Academic Courses

7. Books as a Vehicle for Leadership

8 .Wedge and Book Publishing

9. Educational Services

10. Curriculum Development Centre and Patmos Art Gallery

11. Administrative Structure and Institutional Leadership

12. The Rough Road of Controversy

13. Development for the Institute

14. Finances

15. Accreditation and Relations with other Schools

16. Institute Appraisal and Influence

17. Today and Tomorrow


1. The Institute Basic and Educational Creed

2. Speakers for Annual Summer Student Conferences 1959-1969

3. Summer Academic Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

4. Books Co-published for the Institute by University Press of America between 1983 and 1997