A University for the People

by Robert Vander VennenA University for the People

Vander Vennen traces the ups and downs of setting up a creative Christian program of advanced study in Toronto, Canada, a country that resists non-government education. The Institute for Christian Studies is a graduate school that today awards accredited masters degrees and the Ph.D. The curriculum has its foundation on biblically-centered philosophy.

Fifty years ago Dutch immigrants to Canada had a vision for a new Christian university where all learning would be Scripturally-directed and where Christian faith and academic study would be in unity, reflecting God's law in the scholarly study of all of creation; a university that would promote an effective ordering of the everyday experience of the entire community of God's people. The Institute for Christian Studies is a model for the development of Christian thinking and the building of schools of higher education.

In the Foreword to this book Richard Mouw writes, 'Through the Institute's programs I was initiated into an international network of Christian scholars who had a significant impact on my philosophical development. This fine chronicle of the Institute's four decades of service tells the exciting story of the flourishing of a unique academic community.'

ISBN: 978-0-932914-75-0
Copyright 2008
275 pages