Images from Book

Biblical Studies and Wisdom for Living

Part One

  1. A Fireball of Energy (NASA). (view)
  2. Castle Geyser's Steam in Yellowstone National Park. (view)
  3. Wonderful icicles testifying of poor house insulation. CS
  4. Oklahoma Tornado (NOAA). (view)
  5. Curious tree in Bath, England. CS
  6. Fan-shaped fern, Indonesia. CS
  7. Huge aloe plant in South African veld. CS
  8. Glorious cover of dandelions, suburb of Toronto. CS
  9. Peacock at close range, Australia. CS
  10. Canadian walrus. Photo by Max Smith. PD
  11. Praying mantis. Photo by Mark Williamson. (view)
  12. A larval Luna Moth. (view)
  13. Luna Moth. (view)
  14. Marble Canyon, Arizona. (view)
  15. Polar bear. Photo by Ansgar Walk. (view)
  16. Refugees in South Sudan. Photo by Robert Stansfield, Department of International Development. (view)
  17. Ernst Barlach, Schwebender Gottvater (1922), unglazed Böttger stoneware. (view)
  18. Susanna Oppliger, Der Engel mit Elia (1998), red and white clay. AP
  19. Jacob Epstein, Jacob wrestling with the Angel (1940), alabaster, Tate Gallery, U.K. (view)
  20. Christus Pantokrator, apse of Monreale cathedral, Sicily (c.1180-1194), mosaic. Photo by Giuseppe. (view)
  21. Masaccio, Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise (1424-1425), fresco in Brancacci chapel, Chiesa Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence. (view)
  22. Matthias Grünewald, The Small Crucifixion (c.1505-1519), oil on panel, 2.41 x 1.81 in, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (view)
  23. Abraham Rattner, There was a Darkness over All of the Land (1942), oil on canvas, 32 x 39 in. (view)
  24. Warren Breninger, example of Gates of Prayer (1993-2008). AP
  25. Joan Cots, ceramic stele in his studio, Torrelles de Llobregat, Province of Barcelona. CS (1995)
  26. Joan Cots, ceramic stele in his studio, Torrelles de Llobregat, Province of Barcelona. CS (1995)
  27. Joan Cots, ceramic stele in his studio, Torrelles de Llobregat, Province of Barcelona. CS (1995)
  28. Käthe Kollwitz, Sleeping Child and Child's Head (1903), charcoal, brush, and black ink, pastels, on brownish grey cardboard, 50.9-50 x 60.9-63.5 cm. 
  29. Henk (Senggih) Krijger, "I will not let thee go except thou bless me" (1972), three-color serigraph. AP
  30. Egyptian Coptic Woman, c.1950, photographer unknown.
  31. Jean Siméon Chardin, La Pourvoyeuse (1739), 47 x 38 cm, Musée du Louvre. (view)
  32. Johannes Vermeer, The Lacemaker (1669-70), oil on canvas, 24 x 21 cm, Louvre Museum, Paris. (view)
  33. Letitia Van Tielen (1955). CS
  34. Ruth Huber (1988). CS
  35. Inès Cécile Naudin ten Cate (1981). CS
  36. Mature Malbec grapes on the vine. Photo by IanL. (view)
  37. Author undergoing massage from a Registered Massage Therapist. CS
  38. Victoria University administration building, University of Toronto, Canada (c.1835). CS
  39. Bocca della verití, porch of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Florence, Italy (300s bc). Photo by Manel Zaera. (view)
  40. Georges Rouault (1871-1958), Il serait si doux d'aimer [It would be so sweet to love] (1948), plate 13 of Miserere et Guerre series, aquatint, etching, and engraving, 21½ x 19 7/8 in. 58.1.13. Gift of Mr. Leonard J. Scheller. Collection of the Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University. (view)
  41. Thomas Cole, Voyage of Life: Youth (1842), 134.3 x 194.9 cm. (view)
  42. Rands Afrikaans Universiteit student mural [detail] (1992). CS
  43. Dayton Castleman, The End of the Tunnel (2005).
  44. Homeless shelter in Pilsen district, "HOPE Respect JOBS," Chicago. Photo by John Bakker
  45. Britt Wikström, Caritas (2006). (view)

Part Two

  1. Carlos Martinez, mime artist, based in Barcelona, Spain, 2009. (view)
  2. Thomas A. Dorsey, Gospel song-writer and performer.
  3. Mahalia Jackson practices with gospel legend Thomas A. Dorsey. (view)
  4. The Barrett Sisters. (view)
  5. Mahalia Jackson, Gospel singer (1962). Photo by Carl Van Vechten. (view)
  6. Mahalia Jackson and two deacons from Salem Baptist Church in Chicago meeting Hans Rookmaaker (1961). CS
  7. First Church of the Deliverance on the Southside of Chicago. CS
  8. A home in Alikalia, 200 km inland, Sierra Leone. CS
  9. Roadway bridge of tree trunks over an inland stream, Sierra Leone. CS
  10. A God-sent angel who saved Angie Hoolsema's life from the viper's lunging strike, Sierra Leone. CS
  11. Native children gesticulating before a large mosque in Makeni, inland city of Sierra Leone. CS
  12. Praise singer playing the balangi he makes, in Sumbana, Bendugu, Sierra Leone. CS
  13. Tie-dying entrepreneur in Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone. CS
  14. Kekura, enabled to walk by the love and skill of a christian community, Sierra Leone. CS
  15. Agnes, agent of hope, delivering medicine for CES in Sierra Leone. CS
  16. CRWRC Jan Disselkoen and Francis Saion Kamara before the CES literacy office in Alikalia, Sierra Leone. CS
  17. Inès Cécile Naudin ten Cate, engaged to be married, 1956, Den Haag, Netherlands. CS
  18. Vittore Carpaccio, detail of Presentation of Jesus in the temple, c.1505-1510. (view)