Religious Nature and Biblical Nurture

Front Coverby Jack Fennema

In The Religious Nature and Biblical Nurture of God's Children Jack Fennema encourages parents and teachers to follow practices at home and school that reflect the nature of their children and students. The nature of children provides a guide for how to nurture children. Their dependence, finiteness, and accountability all shape their behavior. The many ways children express themselves-they are rational, culture-forming, lingual, social, evaluative, creative, moral, loving, and faithful-are all affected by sin and brokenness. In Christ, however, we are shown what being a renewed image bearer of God requires of us and our children. As parents and teachers come to better understand the God-given nature of children, they will be more effective in nurturing and admonishing them.

Children and students learn as they see and make connections. Their "mental map of the world" is a complex web of interrelated connections between facts, values, and events both old and new. Living in a world of disconnected sound bites, video clips, and lack of contextualization, children and students today are crying out for relationship, whether they can verbalize it or not. Postmodern children need wholeness, relationships, and stability. They need to be presented with a world that is connected and in which the sovereign God is acknowledged as being in charge. In this book Fennema helps parents and teachers think through these important issues.

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