Table of Contents

Calvin G. Seerveld, Redemptive Art in Society: Sundry writings and occasional lectures, edited by John H. Kok. Sioux Center, IA: Dordt College Press, 2014.  310 pages

“Prophetic Shalom in Theatrum Dei” by Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin

  1. The Necessity of Christian Public Artistry
  2. On Identity and Aesthetic Voice of the Culturally Displaced
  3. From Ghost Town to Tent City: Artist community facing Babylon and the city of god
  4. God’s Gift of Theatre in our Hands
  5. Professional Giveaway Theatre in Babylon: A christian vocation
  6. Necessary Art in Africa: A christian perspective
  7. Turning Human Dignity Upside Down
  8. The Challenge to be Imaginative Salt as Artists in God’s World
  9. Cities as a Place for Public Artwork: A global approach
  10. How Should Christians Be Stewards of Art?
  11. For the Next Generation of Christian Writers of Literature
  12. A Note on Poetry
  13. A Review: Good Taste, Bad Taste, and Christian Taste
  14. A Review: A Broken Beauty