About the Author

Calvin Seerveld taught undergraduate philosophy and literature at Belhaven College, Mississippi (1958-1959), and at Trinity Christian College in the Chicago area (1959-1972) before he specialized in aesthetics at the graduate Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto (1972-1995). Throughout the years he has given lectures in many places, on the difference the biblical christian faith can make in performing, interpreting, and understanding human artistry and artwork in society. An abiding concern of Seerveld has been to show that good artwork-painterly artwork, theatre, poetry, and music-is called by God to be a gift to one's neighbors, to enrich their insight into the often unnoticed marvels of God's world. Such redemptive artwork deserves to be public. An earlier book that treats these problems is Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves: Alternate steps in understanding art (2000). www.seerveld.com/tuppence.html