Redemptive Art in Society

Art, for Seerveld, belongs to the very infrastructure of a good society in the same way that a country's economy, transportation system, or media network do: "With a vital artistic infrastructure priming its inhabitants' imaginativity, a society can dress its wounds and be able to clothe and mitigate what otherwise might become naked technocratic deeds." These 14 sundry writings and occasional lectures address the need for Christian public artistry and ways in which Christians can be stewards of art.

The bronze sculpture by Britt Wikström pictured on the cover suggests that helping to place a cloak around an other person's shoulders can be Caritas (2006). Artistry too becomes redemptive action when it clothes the handicapped neighbor with quiet, encouraging surprise.

$21.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-01-3 / paperback/ 304 pages

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