Table of Contents

Calvin G. Seerveld, Normative Aesthetics: Sundry writings and occasional lectures, edited by John H. Kok. Sioux Center, IA: Dordt College Press, 2013. 320 pages.

Introduction: "(Un)Timely Voyage: Calvin Seerveld’s Normative Aesthetics" by Lambert Zuidervaart

  1. The Halo of Human Imaginativity
  2. Imaginativity
  3. Dooyeweerd’s Legacy for Aesthetics: Modal law theory
  4. Joy, Style, and Aesthetic Imperatives, with the Biblical Meaning of Clothes and Games in the Christian Life
  5. Ordinary Aesthetic Life: Humor, tastes and “taking a break”
  6. Both More and Less Than a Matter of Taste
  7. Christian Aesthetic Bread for the World
  8. The Place for Imaginative Grit and Everlasting Art in God’s World
  9. The Relation of the Arts to the Presentation of Truth
  10. A Turnabout in Aesthetics to Understanding
  11. Philosophical Aesthetics at Home with the Lord: an untimely valedictory
  12. A Review: Kants Kunsttheorie
  13. A Review: Truth and Method