"The essays and lectures collected in Normative Aesthetics are classic Seerveld: Suffused with Scripture and a Reformed Christian sensibility, engaged with theoretical issues in philosophical aesthetics, and full of illuminating examples of aesthetic activity in daily life and in the arts. Philosophy of art and aesthetics are currently experiencing rumbles of discontent with how these disciplines have traditionally been practiced. Seerveld compellingly points to one way forward."

-Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter professor emeritus of philosophical theology, Yale University senior research fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia

"In his ground-breaking work in aesthetics, Calvin Seerveld emphasizes the importance of such things as joy and imagination for aesthetic theory. But he also practices what he preaches. These fine essays both stimulate our imagination and offer us a gift of joy."

-Richard J. Mouw, professor of faith and public life, president emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

"I was a decade out of graduate school before I realized just how much I had learned and absorbed from Cal Seerveld. His philosophical aesthetics drilled wells that Christians will drink from for years to come. This collection of some of his most fundamental works will be an enduring gift for generations to come. And the timing is perfect: Just as Christians in theology and the arts are becoming interested in the imagination, they can discover anew the philosophical wisdom of Seerveld's normative aesthetics."

-James K.A. Smith, professor of philosophy, Calvin College, author of Imagining the Kingdom