About the Author

Calvin Seerveld is senior member in philosophical aesthetics, emeritus, at the Institute for Christians Studies in Toronto, and a past president of the Canadian Society for Aesthetics/Société canadienne d' esthétique. Born in West Sayville, Long Island, New York, he later studied philosophy, literature, and classical languages at Calvin College (B.A.) and the University of Michigan (M.A.). After several years of study in the Netherlands under D.H.Th. Vollenhoven, S.U. Zuidema, and G. Kuiper, in Switzerland under Karl Jaspers, Oscar Cullmann, and Karl Barth, and in Rome under Carlo Antoni, he received his Ph.D. in philosophy and comparative literature from the Free University of Amsterdam.

At the graduate Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto (1972-1995) Seerveld's research and teaching concentrated upon study of fundamental categories in the systematics of philosophical aesthetics, such as imaginativity, artistic taste, and the playful aesthetic life. His concern has always been to examine and discern the meaning of ordinary creatural matters like subtleties, quirks, and surprises that trouble and enrich our lives and can lead to artistry, in the light of the biblical testimony to the compassionate lordship and truth of Jesus Christ. An earlier text well known to many readers is his Rainbows for the Fallen World: Aesthetic life and artistic task (1980/2005). See www.seerveld.com/tuppence.html for more information.