The story of one (fictitious) school community's journey to introduce ongoing reflection into the daily life of the school invites us to consider the power of reflection in lessening the gap between vision and practice. The gifts of renewal of vision and transformation of school culture await those schools that commit to the journey. And in the end, our students will be better served and our LORD praised.

Elaine Brouwer; Co-coordinator, Alta Vista; Seattle, WA

Finally, here is a book that deals with the frequently unspoken feelings of guilt many Christian school teachers experience when they think about how, in actuality, their foundational beliefs appear to have little bearing on their classroom teaching. John Van Dyk bridges the gap between confession and teaching. As he articulates his thoughts, his deep love for the Lord shines through.

Frank De Vries; Vancouver, BC; Teacher and principal, now retired

In Fostering a Reflective Culture in the Christian School: The Maplewood Story, Van Dyk persistently, yet humbly, challenges school participants to continuously reflect on what it means to administer, teach, and learn Christianly within a spirits-filled age.

Dale De Weerd: Elementary principal and former Grade 4 teacher; Ripon Christian Schools; Ripon, CA