The Maplewood Story

The Maplewood StoryIn an engaging and conversational style, the author tells the fictitious story of his sabbatical as a consultant in a Christian school. Each of the short 40 chapters highlights an aspect of the school calendar: from planning for the first day, curriculum committee meetings, school board retreat, and parent-teacher conferences, through prom and graduation. Intended first of all for teachers, administrators, and school board members, this book will also be valuable to students preparing to be teachers, parents-anyone interested in Christian education.

From the Preface

What can be done to foster a reflective culture in a Christian school? The book you are about to read proposes one possible avenue. Rather than cast the proposal in abstract, academic and once-removed terms, I tell a story. I take you to Maplewood, a K-12 Christian school, where a year-long experiment to foster a reflective culture is under way.

The Author

Dr. John Van Dyk is professor of education emeritus, and the director of the Center for Educational Services at Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa. He has conducted seminars and workshops around the world and worked with teachers at all levels in scores of schools. He is author of Letters to Lisa: Conversations with a Christian Teacher and The Craft of Christian Teaching: A Classroom Journey. Van Dyk has taught at elementary, middle school, secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels.

ISBN: 978-0-932914-72-9
Copyright 2007
290 pages