Table of Contents

  1. Teaching Christianly: what is it?
  2. What learning objectives should I write in my lesson and unit plans?
  3. How important is academic excellence as a goal of Christian teaching?
  4. What is this discipleship that I should aim for?
  5. Do I teach subjects or students?
  6. Is there too much teacher-talk and note-taking in the classroom?
  7. Should I get rid of worksheets?
  8. Is there a Christian way to ask questions in the classroom?
  9. How important is the atmosphere in my classroom?
  10. How well should I get to know my students?
  11. Are my assessment and grading practices compatible with teaching Christianly?
  12. What about competition in my classroom?
  13. Is cooperative learning a Christian strategy?
  14. What if cooperative learning doesn't work?
  15. How can I meet students' needs in my classroom?
  16. When are students at risk in my classroom?
  17. What are some key questions about curriculum?
  18. What is a Christian perspective on curriculum?
  19. What types of Christian perspectives will I encounter?
  20. Can a Christian teach Christianly in a public school?
  21. How important are classroom devotions?
  22. Am I a professional Christian teacher?