Here's what experts in the field of Christian education are saying about Letters to Lisa:

"Letters to Lisa presents important principles for Christian teachers and does so in a delightfully refreshing and readable manner. This book would be a wonderful gift for a college teacher-education graduate."

-Gloria Goris Stronks, Calvin College

"Letters to Lisa invites you to eavesdrop on the accrued wisdom of a master teacher. Lisa's father tackles the common and crucial issues that face the beginning teacher in an engaging conversational style. Mentor teachers will find a wealth of insight and younger teachers will gain both comfort and direction.

-Andrew White, Christian Parent-Controlled Schools, Australia

"Van Dyk in a masterful and accessible way has captured the essence of what it means to be a Christian teacher. You will want to savor the chapter you've just read and yet quickly move to the next. Whether you're a preservice or inservice teacher, this book will help you in your daily journey to follow Christ's footsteps in your classroom."

-Harro Van Brummelen, Trinity Western University

"Letters to Lisa indicates that teaching is a complex process requiring decision making on many fronts. The book can be used to stimulate discussions about many basic components of the process of education. It introduces issues from the perspective of a beginning teacher who struggles to give definition to her thinking in interactions with her father. From the father's responses it is obvious that educational practice needs to give expression to a vision. Each letter will likely create stimulating discussions in staff meetings and may lead teachers to re-examine their principles and practices."

-John Vanderhoek, Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia