"Every serious student of the philosophical concepts and ideas that belong to the body of thought called reformational philosophy needs to be acquainted with the development of that philosophy in the work of D.H.Th. Vollenhoven, whose articulations are succinctly formulated in his Isagoge. These systematic notes, originally written to accompany introductory lectures for students and revised from year to year, present a precisely formulated distinct version of reformational philosophy by one of its founders. It is as brief as Herman Dooyeweerd's version is voluminous. But in short compass it presents a philosophical conception with many creative alternative insights and helps us understand just what issues were significant in the development of reformational thought. A careful study of his ideas enriches one's grasp of the tradition's origins as well as of its systematic potential. Now that it is available in a definitive edition in English no reformational scholar should be without it."

- Henk Hart, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto, emeritus

"Vollenhoven's lectures provide an insightful compendium of reformational philosophy. Familiar to previous generations of Dutch students, they merit the attention of Christian scholars everywhere. Now they can be studied in English, thanks to John Kok's faithful and idiomatic translation."

- Lambert Zuidervaart, Professor of Philosophy, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto