Hear God Speak

by Dr. Calvin Seerveld

Paperback, 108 pages, published by Dordt Press

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The Bible is not a book of proof texts to be shot at people. Each passage needs to be understood in the context of God's whole revelation, the true story told from Genesis to Revelation. This booklet by Dr. Calvin Seerveld from the Institute for Christian Studies tells what the episode of God's dealing with Balaam, his ass, Balak, and the Israelites means in the Bible, for us today.

This study also shows how Fundametalists read the passage, how dogmatists read it, how higher-critical deconstructivists treat Numbers 22-24, and how readers in the line of the Reformation listen to what God is saying in these chapters, and asks: how do you read the Bible?

This 108 page volume is a newly expanded version of Seerveld's Balaam's Apocalyptic Prophecies (1980). The extensive Afterword with an appendix is newly written.