Table of Contents


  1. History
  2. The Classical Greek and Hellenistic World: Origins of Philosophy, Science, and Psychology
  3. Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Modern Period
  4. The Development of Scientific Rationalism: British empiricism, French sensationalism, and Positivism
  5. The Development of Metaphysical Rationalism: Rationalism, Idealism, and Romanticism
  6. Prelude to Psychology as a Separate Discipline
  7. The Psychology of Consciousness
  8. The Psychology of the Unconscious Mind
  9. The Psychology of Adaptation: Galton and the Measurement of Individual Differences
  10. The Psychology of Adaptation: The Functionalism of James and Dewey
  11. From Functionalism to Behaviorism: How Psychology Lost its Mind
  12. The Mindless Psychology of Behaviorism
  13. The Rise of Cognitive Psychology
  14. The Historical Development of Humanistic Psychology