Table of Contents

PART I: Developing Perspective

  1. Seeking the Christian Mind
  2. Perspective I
  3. Perspective II
  4. Nostalgia, Museums, and the Coming Kingdom
  5. Starkeeping Too!
  6. Where Are the Christian Outlaws?
  7. Bob Dylan and Beethoven
  8. The Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome
  9. Nationalism
  10. Progress: A Different Language
  11. An Individualist Contradiction
  12. Masters of War
  13. Values and Things
  14. Television: For Adults Only
  15. Barbarity Revisited
  16. Violence and “Respecting Authority”
  17. Humble Confidence
  18. Serving Molek
  19. Postmodernism: Academic Fiddling While the World Burns
  20. The Superficial Healing of Brokenness
  21. Repealing the 2nd Amendment
  22. War
  23. Suing Grandma
  24. The Covenant and Historical Continuity
  25. Discipline, Training, and Exercise
  26. Pursuing Happiness
  27. Safe Investments and Limited Liability
  28. Be Thyself
  29. The Age of Comedy
  30. Comfortably Numb
  31. Diversity and the Pursuit of Diversion
  32. The Meaning of Meaning
  33. Reformed: An Empty Label or a Vibrant Worldview?
  34. Entertainment and the Present Age
  35. “The Air Cleaner Declares the Glory of God”
  36. The Norm of Communication and the Elasticity of Words
  37. The Times Are Still A-Changin’
  38. The Vultures of Our Culture
  39. Tradition and Our Sense of Temporal Place
  40. David and Helmut
  41. From the Wall in York
  42. Death Before the Fall?


PART II: Wealth, Powerand Success

  1. The Sin of Wealth
  2. Why Haven’t You Turned in Your Sweepstakes Certificate Yet?
  3. Exposing Your Income
  4. Living Vibrantly in a Sluggish Economy
  5. Poverty and Public Justice
  6. Words and Bottles
  7. Service as Commodity?
  8. Polishing Images and Hiring Consultants
  9. Toward a Model of Corporate Righteousness
  10. The Price of Gasoline
  12. Authenticity, Hypocrisy, and Aping the World
  12. The Red Flag of Wealth
  13. Guiding Principles for Salary and Benefits


PART III: Christian Education

  1. Christian Teaching: Hiring for Perspective
  2. Conforming to a Pattern
  3. Confessional Convictions and “Things”
  4. Grades and the Heidelberg Catechism
  5. Graduation and Baptism
  6. Commencement, the Trojan Horse, and Christian Subversives
  7. Funding the Kingdom I
  8. Funding the Kingdom II
  9. Funding the Kingdom III
  10. The Outrageous Idea of Relating Faith to Learning
  11. Why Go to a Christian College?
  12. Yearbooks, the New School Year, and Christian Distinctiveness
  13. Poetry for Technophiles
  14. Deep Magic From Before the Dawn of Time
  15. The Heavens Declare the Glory of God – and the Differential Equation Proclaims the Work of His Hands
  16. The Tacit Dimension of Knowledge…and Distance Learning
  17. Home Schooling and Christian Schools
  18. For Rachel: Thoughts on Christian Education
  19. Animism, Secularism, and Theism
  20. Teaching Christianly


  PART IV: Redirecting Technology

  1. Engineering at Dordt: Redeeming Technology
  2. Motives for Solar Development
  3. Serving with Solar Energy
  4. Where Do We Go From Here?
  5. Technology and the Technocratic Faith
  6. Technocracy and Dehumanization
  7. Imitating the Japanese
  8. Discovering Norms for Industry
  9. Reformed Christians and High-Tech Phobia
  10. Weapons of War: An Historical Perspective
  11. 1989 and Technological Change
  12. Guns and Technological Disobedience
  13. A John Deere Pencil Sharpener?
  14. Stewarding the Lord’s Energy
  15. What’s a Legitimate Need?
  16. The Internet and Economic Norms
  17. Idealism and the Order of Creation
  18. Stewardship for Profligate Times
  19. Buying a Car
  20. Cloning, Determinism, and April Fools
  21. Energy Stewardship and “The Bottom Line”
  22. Playing Games with “Deep Blue”
  23. Distance Learning: Cultural Formation or Deformation?
  24. Y2K, Technicism, and “The Crowd”
  25. A New Kind of Depravity
  26. Hyperlearning and the Non-discipline of Consumption
  27. Saving Your Mind: Durable Storage Media and the Self
  28. Gadgets, Software Upgrades, and Chasing After the Wind
  29. “Reading” Audio Books
  30. Immoral Machines
  31. Interning in Babylon (or “Developing Dordt’s Dilberts into Daniels”)
  32. Naturalism and the Declarations of the Starry Host
  33. Discerning God’s Word for Energy Use in 2001 America
  34. Technological Freedom
  35. The Devaluing Potential of E-mail
  36. Between Technicism and Bio-Romanticism
  37. How Mountains and Hills Prosper
  38. “It’s Not Your Father’s Ulcer”
  39. How We Come to Know Our Misery
  40. High-Tech Worship?
  41. Biotechnology, Creation Care and Sustainable Agriculture
  42. Ice House Technology
  43. The Sanctity of Human Life
  44. Mediating Toys
  45. Being Human in the Year 2029
  46. The Hearth vs. the Central Heating System
  47. What is a “Creature?”
  48. Dehumanization
  49. The Vatican’s “10 Commandments for Drivers”
  50. Technology and the Transformation of Reading Habits

PART V: Wisdom and the Spirit of Ecclesiastes

  1. The Creation as Art
  2. Undertaking Great Projects and Chasing After Wind
  3. A Summer Morning Sunrise…and Charles Dickens
  4. Exploring the Creation
  5. Space the Unconquerable
  6. “Lord, Keep My Memory Green” Reflections on Matthew 6:34, Inspired by a Dickens Christmas Novel, with Application to the New Year
  7. Happy Endings
  8. God’s Providence: Jewels and Quantum Threads Revisited
  9. Baseball and Aesthetic Life
  10. Christmas Camouflage
  11. A Baby’s Smile
  12. Listening to the Heavens
  13. A Charles Dickens Christmas
  14. Mugby Junction