Exercising Our Worldview

Brief Essays on Issues from Technology to Art from One Christian's Perspective

by Charles Adams

These 139 brief essays originated as five-minute radio commentaries. Soon after coming to Dordt College in 1979, Charles Adams established a habit of writing for the "Plumbline" program on the college's radio station (KDCR 88.5 FM)-the last of which was broadcast early on in 2008. He saw these pieces as an opportunity to refine and articulate his own perspective on technology as much as a way of stimulating thinking, discussion, and right living in the broader community.

In 1991 he recognized the opportunity to use the essays as fodder for classroom discussion, distributing them under a pen name so that students would feel free to openly express their reactions and responses. His choosing the alias "D. Livid Vander Krowd" is telling. On the surface this Dutch nickname speaks to his playful sense of humor: an east coast, non-Dutch transplant to Northwest Iowa, simultaneously teasing and embracing the predominantly Dutch roots of his new home. Digging deeper, the name alludes to his yearning to be "delivered from the crowd," echoing the writings of Kierkegaard. In a biblical context, the term "crowd" is a damning label referring to those who unthinkingly compromise their saltiness by comfortably fitting in with the lukewarm culture around them. A charge under which we all stand convicted. So, while these essays may at times inspire you, anger you, surprise and delight you, ultimately they have been written to push you beyond "the crowd" by enabling you to see with Holy Spirit-filled eyes what faithfulness to God's Word might look like.

Adams' goal is that you too, by God's grace, may be delivered from the crowd and into the light of Christ, to fully become who you have been created to be! In Dr. Adams' words, these essays "make no claim to doctrinal purity, absolute truth, inerrancy, infallibility, or orthodoxy. They represent rather a humble attempt to wrestle with some of the problems faced by Christians as they try to live in faithfulness to the Word of God."