Deepening the Colors

The purpose of this book is to explore questions like, "What is my place in God's world?" and "What am I called to do and be, and how do I know?" These questions often take us through fogs of confusion, and they also drive us to our knees.

But Jesus does not usually answer our prayers with a great light that instantly melts away our fog. His way tends to respond to our questions with more questions, deeper questions, questions that expand our range of vision as though he is taking us up in an airplane to help us see the bigger picture, the bigger questions. The question, "What is my place in God's world?" is a bit like asking, "How does the one piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is my life fit into this multi-million piece picture?" To process that question, we need to know the shape and color of our particular piece, and we need some sense of the entire picture.

Deepening the Colors will describe that bigger picture before arriving at the "What am I called to do?" question in its last chapter. Along the way, Hielema explores what it means to grow to maturity in Christ, how this maturity relates to God's original intentions for humankind (before the fall into sin) as creatures made in his image, and how our callings fit inside the coming of the kingdom of God.