"Perhaps most important for many readers of Calvin Seerveld's extraordinarily thoughtful essay collection will be their repeated confrontations with his witness to truth-to the truth of persons, communities, and especially to the truth of spiritually transformative works of art."

-Peter McCormick, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

"Calvin Seerveld's range and synthesis of matters in modern European art and politics will astonish as well as inform and provoke engagement in his readers. He continues to insist on the centrality of artistic expression to modern consciousness in ways that challenge convention and complacency, keeping faith with the Kuyperian tradition with unmistakable verve and flourish."

-David Lyle Jeffrey, FRSC, distinguished professor of literature and the humanities, Honors College Institute for Studies in Religion, Baylor University

"This volume succeeds in linking what many see as separate worlds: The arts and contemporary cultural problems, especially those facing European societies with the growing presence of Islam and a rising tide of xenophobia. The genius of the philosophy that Calvin Seerveld brings into play is that it shows that the aesthetic dimension is both essential and yet not more than one dimension among others. This enables Seerveld on the one hand to reject any view of the arts as a luxury that we could dispense with once economic growth slows down, while on the other hand opposing with equal persuasiveness a modern l'art pour l'art mentality that has severed traditional ties between arts and crafts."

-Sander Griffioen, professor emeritus of intercultural philosophy, VU University, Amsterdam