About the Author

Although Dr. Seerveld is born American and has become a Canadian citizen, he is husband to Dutch born Inès Cecile Naudin ten Cate, and spent five formative years as a graduate student in Europe (1953-1958). His research sabbaticals have been spent at Heidelberg Universität studying with Gerhard von Rad, Claus Westermann, and Hans Georg Gadamer (1966-1967), in the musea of München (1981), in the archives of the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris working on Watteau (1986), and he has been a frequent summer reader every couple years at the Warburg Institute, University of London since 1973. So Seerveld has a European penchant for multiple languages and the history of Western culture.

He was privileged to be a recurrent plenary speaker at the Christian Artists International conferences held annually in the Netherlands, organized by Leen la Riviere, and sponsored by the European Union through its various labor affiliates, such as the Dutch Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond and the German Europäischen Zentrum fur Arbeitnehmerfragen. The ferment of different European nations, with various national cultures, struggling to discover what economic, and possibly political, integration might entail for artist unions in the different countries is practically a mandala for the troubles and opportunities facing working, professional artists in Western society. This series of lectures by Seerveld was given from 1997-2010. www.seerveld.com/tuppence.html