Table of Contents

Calvin G. Seerveld, Cultural Education and History Writing: Sundry writings and occasional lectures, edited by John H. Kok. Sioux Center, IA: Dordt College Press, 2014.  388 pages

    Introductions by Doug Blomberg and Gideon Strauss

  1. Reformational Christian Philosophy and Christian College Education
  2. Making the Most of College: Studying Ourselves to Life or to Death?
  3. Why Should a University Exist? 
  4. Through the Waters: Christian schooling as a city of refuge
  5. The Song of Moses and the Lamb: The joke of A.R.S.S. education
  6. The Damages of a Christian Worldview
  7. Babel, Pentecost, Glossolalia, and Philoxenia: No language is foreign to God
  8. Jubilee on the Job
  9. Concluding Theses on Teaching Philosophy in the North American Undergraduate College
  10. A Final Lecture at Trinity Christian College
  11. Thinking Deeply About Our Faith
  12. Dooyeweerd’s Contribution to the Historiography of Philosophy
  13. Dooyeweerd’s Idea of “Historical Development”: Christian respect for cultural diversity
  14. Footprints in the Snow
  15. The Pedagogical Strength of a Christian Methodology in Philosophical Historiography
  16. Early Kant and a Rococo Spirit: Setting for The Critique of Judgment
  17. “Mythologizing Philosophy” as Historiographic Category