"This volume breathes the spirited heart of Calvin Seerveld's calling in the academy. He is ever a writer aware of his standpoint and its role in subsequent inspirational-theoretical work. His writing is ever forceful and partisan without ever being parochial. Indeed, his footnotes are a treasure trove of bibliography and judicious commentary. To read this volume is to be treated over and again to a man who loves words in many different languages, who delights in deploying a vocabulary worthy of Merriam Webster, who held up the arts both humble and high, and who was both sly as a fox and innocent as a dove in figuring out how to form that love, delight, and exultation into a gift of profound academic service of the people of God worldwide and at the same time a psalm of gratitude to his Lord and God."

-Robert Sweetman, H. Evan Runner chair in the history of philosophy department, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto

"In this richly diverse range of papers Calvin Seerveld offers his readers a philosophically discerning and biblically wise range of insights into history; insights that in turn exemplify the importance of historical understanding for the encyclopedia of the sciences generally. Whether addressing human culture in all its diversity, or the daunting challenges of disciplined historiography, Seerveld deepens our historical appreciation in a manner altogether free from sclerotic rationalism or the snares of historical relativism. New students and seasoned academics alike will savor and relish these essays."

-Keith Sewell, professor emeritus of history, Dordt College

"This book is a powerful collection of essays that reveal multiple connections between religious roots, philosophical insights, and social analysis. Seerveld communicates clearly across philosophical divides while creatively engaging in the project of developing a sophisticated Christian perspective. Unfailingly interesting and intellectually imaginative, the essays display Seerveld's enormous grasp of an astonishingly wide range of topics and problems, showing a stellar integration of philosophically deep insight with everyday issues."

-Clarence W. Joldersma, professor of education, Calvin College