About the Author

Dr. Seerveld was instrumental in shaping the contours of christian philosophy in the curriculum of Trinity Christian College when that college began in 1959. He has lectured in many colleges and teacher conferences on the nature and task of Christian education as conceived in the thought tradition of the Calvinian Reformation, as distinct from but appreciative of the Roman Catholic scholastic tradition of reflection, and aware of Evangelical theological attempts to have a robust apologetics on hand in advanced education. Seerveld's emphasis has been on presenting a biblically driven Christian philosophical orientation that, from a certain thetical standpoint, invites reshaping other conceptions, instead of leading with negative critique of what others think.

A permanent focus of Seerveld's professional writing has been in forging a conception of history and history writing that critically melds the insights and categories of Reformational Christian thinkers Herman Dooyeweerd and D.H. Th. Vollenhoven into a working methodology that makes a difference for understanding the encyclopedic setting and significant contribution of particular thinkers to the development of philosophical reflection. He recommends a "glocal" vision (a bifocal, global and local awareness) in our human attempts to be faithful history-keepers. www.seerveld.com/tuppence.html