In Crossing Over James Schaap narrates the lives of Lao, Tai Dam, and Vietnamese people torn up by festering war in Southeast Asia and reborn on the other side of the world. I am, I believe, a different person for having met Dokmai, Khay, and the Sisombaths and all the others, people whose coming from Asia through unimaginable trouble to live here as Americans blesses us and our land. Crossing Over reminds me that America does its best and God's best when it works to welcome, not keep out, the wanderers and homeless of the world.

–Rev. John Rozeboom, Executive Director of Christian Reformed Home Missions

Crossing Over is wonderful. The insights it offers and the questions it asks are touching, enlightening, and inspiring. The truth of the story is, "God loves us."

–Dinh VanLo, Commissioner, Iowa Civil Rights Commission and Advisor to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights