Table of Contents

Part I-The Golden Cable Explicated in the Prophets

  1. Joel: Setting the Agenda
  2. Amos and Hosea: Prophets to Israel in the North
  3. Prophetic Revelation to and concerning Non-Israelite Nations
  4. Micah's Prophetic Message for Rural Judah
  5. Isaiah's Prophetic Message for Urban Judah
  6. Habakkuk and Zephaniah: The End is Near
  7. Jeremiah: Too Late! But Renewal Promised
  8. Ezekiel: The Prophet among the Exiles
  9. Daniel: Prophet of the Kingdom

Part II-The Golden Cable Explicated in the Postexilic Literature

  1. The Challenge in Understanding Postexilic Literature
  2. The Golden Cable in 1 and 2 Chronicles
  3. The Golden Cable Upheld in Early Postexilic Times
  4. The Golden Cable in Esther and Zechariah 9-14
  5. The Golden Cable in Ezra, Nehemiah, and Malachi