Table of Contents

Part I-Creation

  1. God the Creator
  2. The Cosmos: The Creation
  3. Man and Woman: The Vicegerents
  4. The Mosaic Recording of Revelation in Creation
  5. The Fall
  6. The Protoevangelium
  7. The Revelation Concerning the Kingdom and Covenant in the Noahic Epoch
  8. Biblical Theological Issues

Part II-The Patriarchal Period

  1. The Patriarchal Period Initiated
  2. Abraham's Patriarchal Offspring
  3. The Egyptian Setting -- Exodus 1:1-4:31
  4. Yahweh God and Israel at Mount Sinai
  5. Israel's Life Within the Context of the Golden Cable
  6. Transition: From Wilderness to Inheritance
  7. The Possessing of the Promised Land
  8. The Establishment of the Monarchy
  9. The Consolidation of the Monarchy by David and Solomon, Yahweh's Chosen Kings
  10. 1, 2 Kings' Role in the Golden Cable