From Creation To Consummation

From Creation to Consummationby Dr. Gerard Van Groningen
Covenant Seminary, St. Louis, MO

In From Creation to Consummation, Gerard Van Groningen shares the results of forty years of study, research, and teaching. The outcome is a series that will serve both serious students of biblical theology and the lay reader seeking a clear exposition of the major themes of Scripture. From Creation to Consummation develops in detail themes the author introduced in his Messianic Revelation in the Old Testament (Baker, 1990; reprint Wiph and Stock, 1997). Here the author thoroughly explores the eschatological implications of the messianic presence and task. Both of these works arise from Van Groningen's desire to help the reader understand the Old Testament revelation concerning God's purpose and plan for creation from its beginning to its consummation. Central to that understanding, argues Van Groningen, are the themes of covenant and the kingdom of God. The kingdom is established at creation, which also marks the beginning of God's covenant with humankind. That covenant, broken by man, is restored through the gracious promise and work of the mediator, Jesus Christ, who also redeems and re-establishes the kingdom over which he reigns. Kingdom, covenant, and mediator are interrelated concepts revealed and developed in the Old Testament, and explicated in the New Testament. This threefold golden cable functions in the Scriptures as basic revelatory, administrative, and consummative means within God's plan for the establishment, maintenance, redemption, and consummation of his entire creation. Each volume of From Creation to Consummation includes many study aids: extensive footnotes; a extensive bibliography of books, articles, and reference works; an exhaustive subject index; and an index to Scripture texts cited.