Table of Contents

  1. Teaching methods: Tucked in the cupboard?
  2. Teaching Christianly: What do you think it is?
  3. Teaching Christianly: Job or calling or what?
  4. What authorizes you to teach? Some implications of your teaching office
  5. What are you trying to do in your classroom? The purpose of teaching Christianly
  6. Discovering your metaphor: What is your teaching style?
  7. Teaching Christianly: Sketching the portrait
  8. Teaching Christianly: Sharpening the image
  9. Where in the world are you teaching? The context of teaching Christianly
  10. Getting where you want to be: Establishing the collaborative classroom
  11. What is this thing called "teaching strategy"? A closer look at the how of teaching
  12. Shall we tell it to them straight, or let them find out for themselves? Direct and indirect teaching
  13. What kinds of answers are you looking for in your classroom? Questioning techniques in Christian perspective
  14. How can your students help you teach? Participatory teaching in Christian perspective
  15. How do you want your students to work together? Cooperative learning in Christian perspective
  16. How can I teach all my students when they are so different? Celebrating individual gifts and meeting individual needs
  17. How do you get Kristi to behave? Managing the collaborative classroom
  18. Jumping the hurdles: Overcoming obstacles to teaching Christianly