Here's what experts in the field of Christian education are saying about The Craft of Christian Teaching:

"I wish I had had this book when I started teaching 35 years ago."

-Frank De Vries, Nanaimo, BC, experienced teacher, now retired

"Van Dyk answers the ultimate question, 'How does one really teach Christianly?' Reading this book is like taking a journey, a stimulating walk into one's own classroom to practice Christian teaching for discipleship."

-Lorna Van Gilst, Dordt College, former editor of Christian Educators Journal

"This is a book rich in both practical ideas for teaching and insights into teaching as a Christian calling. While it is not a book on teaching theory, the discerning reader will recognize sound theoretical reflection underlying its practice-oriented approach. The author's Christian commitment is made clear in many ways, but two features stand out. One is the way in which a piety that recognizes the reality of God's presence and our dependence on him is embedded in a down-to-earth approach to the everyday issues of teaching practice. The other is that the author clearly presents himself, not as the ultimate authority, but as a fellow servant of the Lord with his readers. It is a rich resource from which novice and the most experienced teacher alike will benefit."

-Stuart Fowler, Antithesis Educational Services, Melbourne, Australia, and National Institute for Christian Education, Sydney, Australia

"Craft is like a pair of binoculars with biblically-ground lenses'€”helpful equipment for surveying the landscape of pedagogy. The book exposes current views and provides alternatives built on a Christian approach to teaching. Van Dyk challenges teachers to critically examine and evaluate their teaching methods. He not only acknowledges and appreciates contributions to pedagogical insight, but also redirects and reshapes them in light of biblical perspectives. Craft is a useful addition to the growing collection of writings that seek to reshape education to reflect a more biblical approach. It is an excellent resource for courses on pedagogy and for staff inservicing activities. In addition, the book will be valuable for Christian school boards and/or committees as they examine issues of teaching practice."

-John Vanderhoek, Executive Director at Christian Schools Development Foundation, Penticton, British Columbia