Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (Peter Blokhuis)
  2. Civil society and Christian ideas (Fedor Nikolayevich Kozyrev)
  3. The promises of civil society (Govert J. Buijs)
  4. The responsibility of the church in civil society: Experiences and reflections from a Western context (Leo J. Koffeman)
  5. Christianity and civil society: Some sources of the discourse regarding civil society in Western and Eastern Christianity (Christian Buchiu)
  6. "Civil society" meets the "Russian idea" (Wendy E. Helleman)
  7. Destroying civil society: Hungary under the communist regime (Sarolta Fodor-Nagy)
  8. Leadership models in Africa, the West, and the Bible (Bennie J. van der Walt)
  9. Civil society, religion, and political liberalism: A comparison of the United States, Russia, and Ghana (David A. Hoekema)
  10. A simple model for describing the impact of worldview on wealth creation: The crucial role of beliefs, civil society, and business in the development process (John R. Visser)
  11. Henry Ford and the cultural mandate: Employees as image bearers and other new realities for biblically obedient management practices (Erik Hoekstra)
  12. Christian schooling in a post-atheistic society: Difficulties and opportunities-the Ukrainian example (Svetlana Panich)
  13. The school belongs to the community (H. A. C. (Jet) Weigand-Timmer)
  14. Concluding remarks: Climbing together (Nick Lantinga)