Table of Contents

Section One: Biblical and Historical Perspectives

1. Work and Play: A Biblical Perspective
Robert K Johnston

2. Implications for Leisure from a Review of the Biblical Concepts of Sabbath and Rest
Paul Heintzman

3. The Puritan Ethic and Christian Leisure for Today
Leland Ryken

Section Two: Methodological Issues

4. Toward a Christian Perspective in the Leisure Sciences
Gordon Spykman

5. Leisure Science, Dominant Paradigms, and Philosophy: The Expansion of Leisure Science's Horizon
Paul Heintzman

Section Three: Present Practices and Challenges in Leisure

6. Whatever Happened to the Leisure Revolution?
Gordon Dahl

7. Leisure and the New Age Movement
Glen E. Van Andel

8. Contemplative Leisure Within Christian Spirituality
Joseph D. Teaff

9. Leisure at L'Arche: Communities of Faith for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Cathy O'Keefe

10. Unless Someone Like You Cares a Whole Awful Lot
Don DeGraaf

Section Four: Play, Sport, and Athletics

11. Sport, Play, and Leisure in the Christian Experience
Shirl J. Hoffman

12. Coming to Terms with Play, Game, Sport, and Athletics
John Byl

13. Play, Game, and Sport in a Reformed, Biblical Worldview
Tom Visker

14. Athletics from a Christian Perspective
Marvin A. Zuidema

15. Towards an Understanding of "Muscular Christianity": Religion, Sport, and Culture in the Modem World
James A. Mathisen

16. Competition in Church Sport Leagues
Kimberly A. Keller, Gary H. Naylor, and David R. Stirling

17. Christian Ethics in North American Sport
Murray W. Hall

Section Five: Leisure and Culture

18. From the Super Bowl to Worship: The Roles of Story in Work and Leisure
Quentin J. Schultze

19. From Faith to Fun: Humor as Invisible Religion
Russell Heddendorf

20. Leisure, Drama, and Christianity
Gwen Laurie Wright