Table of Contents

  1. Editor's Preface
  2. The Educational Task of Dordt College
  3. The Educational Framework of Dordt College
  4. Authority in Christian Higher Education, John B. Hulst
  5. A Writing Exercise in Identity, James C. Schaap
  6. The Coinage of a Dordt Degree, Calvin Jongsma
  7. Learning to Teach from within a Christian Perspective, John H. Kok
  8. Calling, Task, and Culture, John C. Vander Stelt
  9. Common Grace or the Antithesis?, Timothy I. McConnel
  10. William Tyndale and the Power of Words, Robert J. De Smith
  11. Phonics, Whole Language, and Biblical Hermeneutics, Pamela E. Adams
  12. The Dangerous Safety of Fiction, David Schelhaas
  13. Playing with Fire, Simon du Toit
  14. On Musical Excellence, Karen A. DeMol
  15. Worldview and Leadership, John R. Visser
  16. Development, Capabilities, and Shalom, Jonathan Warner
  17. Is the Newer Deal a Better Deal?, Jim R. Vanderwoerd
  18. Disestablishment a Second Time, Rockne M. McCarthy
  19. Me, My Students, and the I of Psychology, Sherri B. Lantinga
  20. Calvin and the Stars, Kuyper and the Fossils, Keith C. Sewell
  21. A Proposal: Two Problems, A Single Solution, Russell Maatman
  22. Twenty-Five Years of Plumblines, Charles C. Adams
  23. Sustainable Theocentric Agriculture, Ronald J. Vos
  24. Ecological Literacy in Christian Higher Education, Delmar Vander Zee