Celebrating the Vision

Edited by John H. KokCelebrating The Vision: The Reformed Perspective of Dordt College

This jubilee volume of collected essays celebrates Dordt College's first fifty years of service in the Kingdom of God. Dordt College exists to help students grow in wisdom and insight with an eye to a flourishing life in God's world. Our goal is to teach students to think critically and to judge wisely as they learn how God's creation works, how things fit together, and what their calling is. In that regard the mission of Dordt College is to develop and implement an understanding of the entire creation in the liberating light of Scripture. We desire to be an institution of Reformed, Christian learning for the benefit of both students and the broader community by providing serviceable insight that prepares students for knowledgeable, competent, and caring service in all aspects of contemporary life. This volume provides a window on the Reformed perspective that permeates Dordt's curriculum and campus.

Many areas of life and their related academic disciplines are represented in this volume. The first two chapters of this book are actually policy statements by the college that define its educational task and the curricular framework within which we seek to work. The other chapters were written by present and retired faculty members from a broad variety of disciplines to illustrate in an accessible manner implications of Dordt's Reformed perspective for various programs and some of the disciplines that make up its curricular core. About half of the chapters were written specifically for this volume; the others, as indicated, were published first elsewhere.

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