"Christian schooling is all about challenging students with the celebration of the lordship of Christ over all of life". This remains Dr. Edlin's passionate affirmation in this very welcome 4th edition of his book which is an invaluable resource for teachers, parents, students, pastors, Board members and any who are concerned to make informed choices about Christian schooling. Dr. Edlin is fervent and reasoned, principled and practical, comprehensive and compelling as he writes. He is committed to biblical authority as it shapes educational vision and action. This is a must-read.

Dr. Rod Thompson,
Principal & CEO
Laidlaw College
Auckland, New Zealand

This revision of Richard's Edlin's classic text is a book that every Christian parent, teacher and student teacher ought to read. Complacency must be one of the cardinal sins of westernised Christians when it comes to their relationship with their surrounding culture. No one who reads this book could ever again be complacent about the importance of Christian Education.

Prof. Trevor Cooling
Professor of Christian Education
Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

For over twenty years Edlin's The Cause of Christian Education has been one of the most significant works on the modern Christian school movement. The new edition has retained his provocative and stimulating style with the addition of new material addressing current issues and references to many contemporary educational thinkers.

Edlin remains passionately committed to Christian schooling that takes the Bible seriously within a rigorous educational endeavour. His vast experience across a number of continents in Christian schooling and Christian tertiary education reveal many deep and authentic insights into the task of Christian education for the 21st Century.

This would be a great text for Christian teacher education; a must for teachers new to Christian schooling; an invaluable resource for parents in school governance or just wanting to understand Christian education; and an essential item on the reading list of all teachers seeking to honour Christ in education.

I heartily recommend this new edition to you.

Dr. Ken Dickens
CEO, Christian Education National, Australia
Principal, National Institute for Christian Education

This book is an update of the classic written by Richard Edlin which powerfully expressed the cause of Christian education. This is a significant time for this book as there is a global tsunami taking place as God is using Christian education to accomplish his purposes.

Dr Dan Egeler
President, Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).