Books by Author

Adams, Charles: Exercising Our Worldview: Brief essays on issues from technology to art from one Christian's perspective
Apol, Laura: Falling into Grace
Bajema, Clifford E: Christianity in a Culture of Conflict
Bandstra, Alan: Beyond Control: Heart-centered classroom climate and discipline (2014)
Bishop, Steve and John H. Kok, eds.: On Kuyper: A collection of readings on the life, work, and legacy of Abraham Kuyper
Blokhuis, Peter, ed.: Civil Society: East and West
Blomberg, Doug: Wisdom and Curriculum: Christian schooling after postmodernity (2007)
Bomgaars, Sharon Wagenaar: In His Feathers: The letters and journals of Sharon Bomgaars
Bonzo, Matthew J: After Worldview (2009)
Bosma, Cella: Wow! What a Ride! A journey with cancer (2010)
Boot, Case J: Sharing the Road: A Journey through Parkinson'€™s Disease (2011)
Bril, Kornelis A: Vollenhoven'€™s Problem-Historical Method: Introduction and explorations
Cusveller, Bart: Commitment and Responsibility in Nursing 
Cusveller, Bart, Maarten Verkerk, and Marc de Vries: The Matrix Reformed: Science fiction, technology, and Christian philosophy (2011)
De Mol, Karen: Sound Stewardship: How shall Christians think about music?
De Muynck, Bram, ed.: Bridging the Gap: Connecting Christian faith and professional practice (2011)
Dinakarlal, J., ed.: Christian Higher Education and Globalization in Asia/Oceania: Realities and challenges (2010)
Edlin, Richard J.: The Cause of Christian Education (4th edition, 2014)
Fennema, Jack: Religious Nature and Biblical Nurture of God'€™s Children
Haan, Bernard J: A Zeal for Christian Education: The memoirs of B.J. Haan (1992)
Heintzman, Paul, ed.: Christianity and Leisure: Issues in a pluralistic society
Hielema, SydDeepening the Colors (2014)
Hulst, John B: Doorkeeper in God'€™s Household
Hulst, John B.: Christian Education: Issues of the day (2012)
Kok, John, ed.: Celebrating the Vision (2004)
Kok, John H.: Patterns of the Western Mind (1998)
Kok, John H., ed: Ways of Knowing: In Concert
Kuyper, Abraham: The Problem of Poverty (2010)
Kuyper, Abraham, edited by George Harinck: Kuyper in America (2012)
Kuyper, Abraham, edited by James C. Schaap: Near unto God (2008)
Lantinga, Nick, ed.: Christian Higher Education in the Global Context: Implications for curriculum, pedagogy, and administration (2008)
Matheis, Norman: God'€™s Garden: Sketches, drawings, and watercolors
Mekkes, Johan P.A. : Time and Philosophy (2012)
Mekkes, Johan P.A. : Creation, Revelation, and Philosophy (2010)
Schaap, James C.: Up the Hill: Folk tales from the grave (2016)
Schaap, James C.: Reading Mother Teresa: A Calvinist looks lovingly at "the little bride of Christ" (2015)
Schaap, James C: Crossing Over: Stories of Asian Refugee Christians
Schaap, James C: Fifty-five and Counting
Schaap, James C: Sign of a Promise and Other Stories (1979)
Schelhaas, David: Illuminated Manuscript
Schelhaas, David: The God of Material Things
Schuurman, Egbert: The Technological World Picture and an Ethics of Responsibility
Seerveld, Calvin: Normative Aesthetics (2014)
Seerveld, Calvin: Redemptive Art in Society (2014)
Seerveld, Calvin: Cultural Problems in Western Society (2014)
Seerveld, Calvin: Art History Revisited (2014)
Seerveld, Calvin: Cultural Education & History Writing (2014)
Seerveld, Calvin: Biblical Studies and Wisdom for Living (2014)
Seerveld, Calvin: Christian Critique of Art and Literature
Seerveld, Calvin: How to Read the Bible to Hear God Speak
Seerveld, Calvin: In the Fields of the Lord
Slagter, JennyLa Aventura Espacial (2014)
Tol, Anthony: Philosophy in the Making: D.H. TH. Vollenhoven and the emergence of reformed philosophy (2010)
Van Belle, Harry A: Explorations in the History of Psychology: Persisting themata and changing paradigms (2013)
Van Dyk, John: El Arte de Ensenar Cristianamente: Un Viaje En El Aula
Van Dyk, John: Fostering a Reflective Culture in the Christian School: The Maplewood story
Van Dyk, John: Letters to Lisa: Conversations with a Christian teacher (1997)
Van Dyk, John: The Craft of Christian Teaching (2000)
Van Groningen, Gerald: From Creation to Consummation (Vol. 1, 2, and 3)
Veenhof, Jan: Nature and Grace in Herman Bavinck
Vanden Bosch, Mike: Acquainted with the Light (2011)
VanderVennen, Robert E: A University for the People: A history of the Institute for Christian Studies (2008)
Vollenhoven, Dirk H: Isagoge Philosophiae: Introduction to Philosophy (2005)
Vollenhoven, Dirk H: Problem-Historical Method
Vollenhoven, Dirk H: Reformed Epistemology: The relation of logos and ratio in the history of western epistemology (2013)
Vollenhoven, Dirk H: Vollenhoven'€™s Introduction to Philosophy (2005)
Wesselius, MadelineEsperanza (2014)
Wolters, Alberto: La Creacion Recuperada: Bases biblicas para una cosmovision reformacional
Wauzzinski, Robert A: Ruth: The story of God'€™s unending redemption (2010)