Table of Contents

by Craig Bartholomew
by Peter S. Smith

  1. Hearing God's Narrative about "the Way" of shalom
  2. Reading and Hearing the Psalms: The Gut of the Bible
  3. Psalms are to be Heard Everywhere
  4. Five Psalms: For the American Guild of Organists
    a. Psalm 19: Celebrating the good news of God's creational ordinances and creatural glossolalia
    b. David Psalm 30: A song written for a consecration service of the house of God
    c. Psalm 96: A song that never gets old is new
    d. Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-9, 11: The most human of these is hope
    e. Revelation 18:21-19:8: Hip-hop millennial culture and Hallelujah!
  5. Pain Is a Four-Letter Word: A congregational lament
  6. Proverbs 10:1-22: From Poetic Paragraphs to Preaching
  7. Celebrate the Resourceful Woman (Proverbs 31)
  8. Herder's Revolutionary Hermeneutic and Aesthetic Theory: The Import of Herder's Hermeneutics for Text Performance of The Greatest Song
  9. Needed: Biblical Recovery of Human Corporeality and Historical Institutionality in God's World
  10. The Gift and Distraction of Pleasure
  11. The Smell of your School: A letter of reference?
  12. A Christian School Song for Parents and Teachers
  13. Ways-of-life and becoming elderly wise
  14. Import of Biblical Wisdom Literature for a Conception of Artistic Truth
  15. A Modest Proposal for Reforming the Christian Reformed Church in North America
  16. A Snake and Dove Policy for Redeemer Graduates
  17. Graduating to Glocal Martyrdom
  18. Reformed Institutions in Transformation
  19. Book Review: Reading Ecclesiastes: Old Testament Exegesis and Hermeneutical Theory
  20. Carlos Martínez Mime Actor
  21. A Worship Service Where Two People Walked Out
  22. Say "Amen!" Somebody: On gospel singing and joyful worship
  23. Longing to Lament: A conversation between Michael Card and Calvin Seerveld
  24. The Rule of God
  25. Long-range mercy for Africa: The CRC in Sierra Leone
  26. We are Not Pilgrims: We are called to build tent cities in God's world
  27. Bastards or Sons of God?
  28. Operation Fish and Bread for the Ontario Government
  29. The Tender, Tough Mystery of (Married) Love
  30. "The Rare Gift of a Friend"
  31. A Morning Weather Hymn
  32. Reading the Bible like a Grown-Up Child
  33. Epilogue: A personal testimony