Biblical Studies and Wisdom for Living

by Calvin G. Seerveld
John H. Kok, editor

In these 30-plus essays, talks, and articles, Seerveld opens Scripture in a variety of life contexts in which God's people find themselves today. In both his professional studies and popular lectures Seerveld seeks to explicate, both devoutly and playfully, a biblical wisdom for daily living, convinced as he is that the Holy Spirit-given biblical writings bespeak God's everlasting care and wisdom for us corporeal mortals. Just as Susanna Oppliger's ceramic angel (on the cover) shelters the exhausted, scared Elijah (1998), waking him up to carry on the Lord's appointed tasks, just so, suggests Seerveld, following Jesus Christ through this wonder-filled, troubled lifetime bodes strength and hope for the morrow.

$25.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-06-8 / paperback/ 446 pages
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