Beyond Control

by Alan Bandstra

Classroom discipline problems may be reduced through behavior management. But what can be done about the factors that drive misbehavior? Weeds like negativity, apathy, and unkindness are too slippery to be uprooted through consequences or incentive plans alone. A heart-centered classroom climate aims beyond exterminating the bad by striving to grow something more positive in its place. Combining insights from motivational theory, Scripture, and 25 years of classroom experience, Bandstra provides encouragement and advice to teachers who struggle with the attitudes of wayward children. Despite the serious nature of this topic, his narrative style makes the book easy to follow and fun to read.

Illustrations by Joe Hoksbergen, Pella IA.

ISBN: 978-1-940567-12-9, $14.00, 174 pages, 2014

This title is also available from online booksellers in e-Book format: ISBN: 978-1-940567-14-3